Services - Our 3Ps

We start with your defined marketing campaign goals. The main focus is to maximize your return on investment and help you to seamlessly communicate with the proper target audiences.


With a team of social media experts, marketing gurus, and academic researchers, we will analyze the vacuum in the market and your key core competencies.


Methodology is about more than just promoting your ad on various social media channels. We would further incorporate a tailored message in the DNA of each specific channel. Developing media content and a creative approach are essential in defining the methodology to adopt.

+OP Algorithm

We define the channels on and off social media. This is a tailored approach to make the biggest bang.

+Ocean Pulse

Defining the proper synergy with other online content. A process to deliver marketing messages to a big pool of audiences.

Fascinating, creative, and original productions to take your brand to the next level

+Creative Content

It is the art of developing unique media content. A key factor in making you stand out in a natural and effective way.


World-class designers from around the globe will work closely with you in defining your brand identity and image.


We understand viral media, and we deliver accordingly. Whether it is a mind blowing TV program, ad, series, or short film, we will master it.

+OP Touch

It is worth noting that our postproductions team is top of the league when it comes to editing, coloring, VFX, SFX, and music composing.

We Planned It. We Did It… Now, it’s time for magic!

+Platform Management

An OP Account Manager will implement defined methodology, manage platforms, track success, and adjust accordingly.

+Marketing Mix

Spending money on marketing is easy once a budget is allocated. Identifying the highest return on investment is sophisticated. Your target audiences will continuously receive your message through different mediums.


We define the channels on and off social media. This is a tailored approach to make the biggest bang.

+Ocean Pulse

In every movie, there is a climax. In our world, that’s when you cross the chasm and reach out to all targeted audiences via their preferred social media channels.