Consumer Avoidance
We beat consumer avoidance to conventional marketing noise.
To put it simply, we build online brands, grow them, produce media content for them, connect them, and build synergies among them like no one else! We manage the social media pages of key influencers, and have the right to promote business opportunities on their portals. As we connect them, they form the ocean; bigger than any other media pond or lake out there, deeper, richer, and well synchronized
At the right moment, when the ocean pulses, the energy is gigantic, the momentum is unstoppable, and the connectivity created cannot go unnoticed!
Through research, powerful software and algorithms, world-class productions, out of the box creativity, majestic branding, and divine marketing, we stand out. In fact, you stand out, in a calculated artistic approach that makes fictional goals, your daily reality.
We manage brands of more than
We manage social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat) of more than 50 million followers. 90% of the followers are within the age group 15 - 30 years old.